Saturday, March 19, 2011

CLOSED - #59: eBook Bundle of Three How-To Books by LILLIE AMMANN


Item #59: eBook Bundle of Three How-To Books by LILLIE AMMANN

From Smashwords:

Finding the Information You Need: Research Tips for Your Family, Business, or Personal Pursuits

Learn how to find the information you need — whether it's knowledge critical for your family's health, intelligence important for the success of your business, facts useful in making buying decisions, or simply lore you want to know. Discover how to evaluate the reliability of the data you gather as well. Links to almost 100 sites useful for research.

Preserving Memories: How to Write a Family History

Families often lose their histories through the generations, which may explain why genealogy — the process of trying to trace and recapture that history — is hugely popular. Learn how to preserve your precious family memories for future generations, whether you simply want to print a few copies on your computer or publish a hardcover book to sell to the general public.

The Secrets of Fantastic Houseplants

You can learn to care for your houseplants even if you weren't born with a green thumb. All you need to have beautiful indoor plants is to know a few secrets and to give your plants a little love and attention. Turn your brown thumb green and take pleasure and pride in your houseplants.

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