Friday, March 18, 2011

CLOSED - #31: Signed Copies of THE TETHER and ACCEPT ONE by NICK DAVIS


Item #31: Signed Copies of THE TETHER: NONE GOOD and ACCEPT ONE, the first two books in The Tether Saga by NICK DAVIS

From Goodreads

The Tether: None Good

Sarah is a troubled student at a Baltimore private school. Through a series of nightmarish events she becomes the reluctant Keeper of a device called the Tether; that allows her to control an Angelic being called Paul and to cast will powered enchantments called Indices. As she races to uncover answers to the Tether's secrets, dark forces give chase to claim the device and Sarah for themselves...

The Tether None Good tells the story of Sarah's discovery of the Tether, and chronicles her journey through her first full night as the Tethers Keeper. Sinister forces are trying to track her down to claim her and the device for themselves. She is aided in this journey by CT the Grandson of the original Tether Keeper, together they race against the Dark as Sarah discovers the power she can tap into and how to control the Tethers Angelic Guardian Paul.

Set against the real back drop of Baltimore city this dark urban paranormal action adventure by Nick Davis; follows Sarah through a helter-skelter one night journey into a reality that is disturbingly familiar, but has unnatural creatures stalking its shadows. 

Accept One

It's been two months since Sarah and the Tether's Angelic Guardian Paul defeated the Dark and she just wants everything to return to normal. Except normal is not an option for the Tether Keeper, even one as reluctant as Sarah; persuaded by CT to assist in an investigation which ultimately costs them their friendship. The Custodiet under the seemingly benign leadership of Ms.Divens step in and Sarah finds herself in over her head as a creature of the night long thought extinct comes to Baltimore... And the whisper of Vampire fills the city with fear...

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