Thursday, March 17, 2011

CLOSED - #14: Custom Blog Design by BRENDA PANDOS


#14: Custom Blog Design by BRENDA PANDOS ($150 value)

Donated by the very talented Brenda Pandos, she will design a custom blog template just for you. Includes header, background, 5 custom buttons, fun font, link back button. Royalty-free graphics' costs are extra and paid by the blog owner.

If you haven't seen her work, check these out:

And of course, Brenda has designed the graphics and buttons here at the Indie Authors Relief Fund page. This is a great offer for anyone who needs a blog spruce-up.

Bid on this item by leaving your email address and bid amount in the comments below. Auction ends at 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, 3/20/2011.


  1. Taking first dibs on this one. :) $40

  2. I'll raise to $55

    kristie (at) kristiecook (dot) com

  3. Thank-you! I'm based in the UK so did not expect to win due to the time difference of the USA being 6 hours behind us. I would have been in bed while people could still have been bidding! This is a fantastic surprise while helping a very important cause. Thank-you Brenda for putting up this great prize and Kristie for holding the auction. :-)